BANCO, a company founded in 1993, is a producer of complex equipment for vessel interiors such as: systems of wall and ceiling panels, wet cabins, interior doors, floating floors, inspection manholes, window openings, metal furniture and many others. Banco offer a very wide range of standard products, developed over the years of the company’s operation, as well as quite new designs developed based on our clients’ requirements and requests. Our products have a very high quality in every detail part and competitive prices. They come with classification certificates, including the NATO certificate.  

It is a European producer of complex interior furnishing systems for all kinds of floating vessels and drilling rigs. Client satisfaction has been the main goal of our operation since its very beginning. We do our best to make our clients satisfied as soon as they come to us with their enquiries – through the production process and then during the everyday use of our products. We offer a very wide range of our own products. We make complete wall systems, doors, vessel furniture and wet sanitary cabins.

They offer is not limited just to standard products, and can customise all our products according to the client’s specifications and needs.

They keep following the latest trends, listening our our clients’ suggestions and expanding our product portfolio. This has led us to the development of our latest product – a complete living module.

Based on our qualified personnel and many years of experience, we have succeeded to become a well established company which focuses on continuous and dynamic development.  

Banco’s regular clients include renown companies in the maritime sector all over the world. They appreciate our wide portfolio and high quality of products, short lead times, flexible terms of cooperation and our experienced personnel. Meeting such highly sophisticated requirements of our Clients is highly satisfactory but also continuously challenging for us. 

They address our offer to suppliers, overhaul companies and shipyards making all kinds of floating, river and sea units, also including the offshore sector.


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