As LIGA MARINE, our aim is to understand our customers’ expectations, provide solutions in accordance with specifications and standards and approach perfection.

To achieve this, we took the following principles as basis;

• Aiming for perfection,

• Increasing the satisfaction and loyalty of our employees, our most important internal resource,

• Aiming to achieve contemporary quality values and customer satisfaction at every level of our service,

• To increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the quality management system by reviewing our processes and targets within the scope of continuous improvement activities,

• Acting according to the principle of ‘continuous improvement’ in our work,

• To support the development of our suppliers in a sustainable, trust-based cooperation,

• To be responsible for quality together with all our managers and employees,

• Increasing our skills and quality awareness through training,

• Encouraging harmony, effectiveness and creativity through group work,

• To continue our work as an institution that adheres to ethical values where we work and in the environments we live,

• To fulfill other conditions that we undertake to be applicable along with our legal responsibilities,

Every product and service we offer is an integral part of us, and all our customers are our business partners. We guarantee with all our employees to provide the support of the products in our supply chain with responsibility, respect and total quality understanding so that our partners can achieve their goals.

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